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Where to Party Until Morning in Busan

If you have seen all the attractions that Busan has to offer and you still have a few more days left from your vacation then we highly recommend you to experience the nightlife from here as well. The city has a wide range of bars and nightclubs where the atmosphere is excellent for all party-lovers. We will show you in this article where to party until morning in Busan. You can compare it with another big city : London. As well in london you can find escorts, get the latest escort reviews and even more date a real sugar baby if you are into a more stable sex relantionship.

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If you are attracted to western-style dining and drinks, then the best place of this type you can choose in this city is the Brother’s Bar and Grill. Here you can try Mexican-style buffets and every Thursday the place has considerable discounts on drinks. This location is excellent for starting your night-out and then you can continue with clubbing if you really want to party the entire night.Brother’s Bar and Grill


Anyone who is looking for a fine nightclub in Busan is most welcomed to try the Champion nightclub. The location has around 80 tables and it can cater to more than 500 people. The key attraction of this place is that it hosts a Korean cabaret live show as well. The ambiance and service are without a doubt the best in town. Furthermore, you will feel quite special when you arrive at Champions as there is a doorman that escorts guests to their table and also give individual attention.


This friendly nightclub in Busan features entertainment all night long. You will have the chance to listen here indie rock music which is actually quite rare in Korea. Due to this reason, there are many international visitors who choose this place over any other nightclub in the city. Therefore, if you like seminal music then you need to go to Crossroads where you can dance until morning to the tunes of a live rock show performed by several Korean bands. The club is located in the PNU district.


At Murphy’s, you will find the hippest combination of music and people, and due to the fact that the whole place has recently been renovated, it gives a more contemporary feel. More than this you will also enjoy here amazing live acts. Take your friends and spend an unforgettable night at Murphy’s.

The Vinyl Underground

Even though The Vinyl Underground is not as popular as the above nightclubs, it is still an excellent place where you can party the entire night. The music that is played here is Western and the place is most of the times quite busy. Due to the fact that there are many international visitors, you will easily make new friends. What we recommend you is to visit this club on Saturday evening when the music rocks and the dance floor sizzles.

We hope that the location we have shown to you in this article will ease your choice and you will enjoy to the fullest the nightlife in Busan. After all, this is the main purpose of a holiday, to spend quality time with your friends, have lots of fun, and go back home with amazing memories.



Things to See and Do in Busan

Beside Seoul, there is also another amazing city that worth to be visited, and that’s Busan. If you haven’t heard about this place so far you should make some research and see how many it has to offer. In this article, we will show you some of the best things to see and do in Busan.

Attend the International Film Festival

If you are a film lover then you must attend the International Film Festival in Busan that takes place every year in October. There are around 300 films from more than 70 countries, screenings that are at six theatres including Busan Cinema Center, a stunning complex with the longest cantilever structure in the world. Thanks to the 127,000 LED streaming across its surface, an urban architectural spectacle will be created at night.

Relax on the Haeundae Beach

If you are looking for something relaxing then Busan can offer this as well, as there is the most famous beach in the country called Haeundae. The place is amazing and it is recommended for couples and families alike. If you really want to have a great time then you must add this beach on your to-do list. The beach is not more and not less than 2 kilometers long and it has very fine golden sand and crystal-clear water.

Visit the Buddhist Temple Seokbul-sa

You cannot go to Busan and not visit the stunning Buddhist Temple Seokbul-sa. The entire construction is visually powerful in impact and scale. The easiest and fastest route starts with a cable car ride. There is also a wide collection of restaurants and even a foot volleyball court. The Seokbul-sa Temple is the perfect place to relax, meditate, and contemplate.

Go for the Songdo Marine Cable Car

This is another amazing experience that Busan has to offer. Launched in 1964 as the first cable care in this country, the Songdo Beach actually reopened in 2017. It measures 1.62 kilometers at the moment which is four times more than it had in 1988 before its closure. There are not more and not less than 39 cars and 13 of them have glass floors, that traverse emerald waters, offering stunning views of the cliffs and hillsides. Once you get to this place you will start your journey from a station near the Songnim Park and you will finish it at the observatory station at Amnam Park.

Taejongdae Park is Another Must-See Attraction

As mentioned in the subtitle this wonderful park is a must-see attraction of this city. You will certainly enjoy your visit here, at the Busan’s rugged coastline. The well-groomed walking path is only for those who want to try something really challenging. In case you are not one of them then you must know that there is a train that stops at every park’s sight. If you want to take some amazing photos then we recommend you to stop at the Yeongdo Lighthouse as this is an excellent spot for photograph-worthy landscapes of the ocean and cliffs. All in all, you will surely be impressed by the Taejongdae Park.






Most Luxurious Hotels in Busan

When it comes to South Korea, there are many people who choose to visit Seoul but they forget that there is another wonderful city as well called Busan. The second largest city in the country, Busan has plenty to offer. If you plan to go to this place then for your comfort we will present you below the most luxurious hotels in the city where you should stay.

Paradise Hotel and Casino

In this city, you can mix pleasure and business at this wonderful and luxurious hotel. Paradise features 512 stunning rooms and its auxiliary facilities include a big duty-free shopping center, a mall, and an exclusive high-class casino. The balconies are ocean-front which means that you can enjoy e delicious coffee in the morning and a fascinating view. This hotel is actually the only one in Haeundae with hot spring spa, casino, and shopping mall. There are also not more and not less than 7 restaurants with a chef or origin. However, the most important highlight of Paradise Hotel is that all the rooms feature ultra comfortable bedding with wedge pillows, which are actually the most innovative pillows these days. They offer many benefits which every tourist will absolutely love. Since you will most probably walk quite a lot, you will certainly love these pillows that can help you relax, highly reduce neck and back pains, and also help you have a correct posture on the bed. Therefore, no matter if you deal with the above health issue s or you just want to book a hotel that provides high-comfort, then we strongly recommend you this accommodation especially because the rooms have this type of pillows.

Park Hyatt Busan

This contemporary high rise hotel features an indoor rooftop pool, a spa & fitness center, a patisserie, and a signature restaurant. Guest rooms have stunning floor-to-ceiling windows with modern remote-controlled blinds and lighting. The Park Hyatt Busan is very close to the amazing Haeundae beach and also near the BEXCO Convention Center. There are 269 modern rooms and suites equipped with TV’s with Blu-ray players, remote-controlled blinds and lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The Patisserie serves extremely delicious French pastries. The Lumi Spa & Fitness provides a large range of services and programs influenced by the ocean, sun, and wind. The seven private treatment rooms offer amazing ocean views. This is not everything because there are also a relaxation room, a steam room, and cabanas.

Pullman Ambassador Changwon

The 321 beautiful rooms from Pullman Ambassador Changwon offer to all guests the necessary comfort so that they can enjoy to the fullest the wonderful city of Busan. The luxurious hotel is located right in the central business district of Changwon City, very close to a mega shopping mall. Furthermore, it is also extremely close to the international airport within a very short distance from the public transport. The rooms are decorated differently so that each visitor can find a room to his liking. There are features such as large LCD TV’s, free WiFi, separate rain shower, desk, and AC.

Lotte Hotel Busan

Right in the center of the city, you will find an excellent accommodation, the Lotte Hotel Busan. This 43-level luxury accommodation is very close to the Seomyeon Subway Station, and just half an hour drive away from Gukje Market and the beautiful Haeundae Beach. The Lotte Hotel Busan also has a duty-free store, a movie theatre, and a department store. The on-site restaurants offer delicious Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian dishes which we are sure you will absolutely love. The reviews of this hotel are positive which shows that the location is highly appreciated by visitors all over the world. Therefore, you should also confidently book a room for your next holiday, at the Lotte Hotel Busan.

We would like to conclude this article with a very important detail you need to know about all the above hotels. Not only that they have several wonderful features but the rooms are also equipped with wedge pillows, which are the most modern pillows you can find on the market these days. They are perfect for anyone who suffers from bad circulation, back or neck pains, snoring, and more. More than this, as a tourist all you want to do in your vacation is to rest very well during the night, and you can do this only if the pillow is ultra comfortable. Not all hotels offer very comfortable pillows and that’s why visitors are not able to rest very well. Wedge pillows provide high comfort and all the above health benefits. Therefore, if you are thinking of booking accommodation in Busan, then you should definitely take this detail into account and choose any of the hotels presented in this article. We guarantee that you will not make a mistake and that once you will try these wedge pillows you will want to buy them for your home as well.







Busan, a Very Beautiful City

If you want to experience South Korea then you must make sure you visit Busan as well, the second biggest city in this country which is absolutely amazing. If you find this idea an interesting one then you must continue to read this article as we will show you the best attractions you can see here and what amazing things you can do in Busan.

Relax at the Hur Shim Chung Spa

This is actually the oldest spas known in this beautiful country. The waters used here are rich in magnesium which is extremely good for your health. The Hur Shim Chung Spa also has a massive hot spring where you can experience a deep relaxation. Anyone who is feeling very stressed and needs to relax must definitely try this fantastic place. The location is opened every day from 5 am to 12 am.

Shop at Jagalchi Fish Market

In case you are a fish lover then you can buy the freshest and the most delicious fish from the Jagalchi market. If you are a tourist then make sure you rent an apartment in order to be able to cook yourself. This city is a massive seaport, and visiting this fish market is without a doubt a must, even if you don’t buy anything. You can find here many types of live and dried seafood, including whale meat. There are two sections, an indoor and an outdoor one, and you can also find several buffets and seafood restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals.

The Taejongdae Resort Park is Absolutely Amazing

Busan’s beauty also includes the Taejongdae Resort Park, which is set on a cliff. The highest peak is nearly 250 meters above sea level, and there are plenty of tour courses that cater specifically to families and couples.

Busan Has a Stunning Temple Called Haedong Yonggungsa

You cannot love this city and its lovely attractions including the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This is, in fact, one of the most popular Buddhist temples in Korea due to the fact that it is located on the coast and the view from here is absolutely breathtaking. This location is also considered quite rare since most of the temples in this country are situated in mountainous regions. The view of the ocean from this place is truly ravishing and you should have in mind to come early in the morning in order to watch the sunset as well. Furthermore, if you travel to Busan in April then you will have the chance to see the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom, making this temple look even more magical. The history of this building is an interesting one, not to mention the architecture which is extremely detailed and sophisticated. The place is excellent for those visitors who want to meditate and contemplate.

We recommend you to plan a 1-week visit to this place in order to have enough time to discover everything that it has to offer. We are sure that the experience you will live in this city will be a memorable one.






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