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Beside Seoul, there is also another amazing city that worth to be visited, and that’s Busan. If you haven’t heard about this place so far you should make some research and see how many it has to offer. In this article, we will show you some of the best things to see and do in Busan.

Attend the International Film Festival

If you are a film lover then you must attend the International Film Festival in Busan that takes place every year in October. There are around 300 films from more than 70 countries, screenings that are at six theatres including Busan Cinema Center, a stunning complex with the longest cantilever structure in the world. Thanks to the 127,000 LED streaming across its surface, an urban architectural spectacle will be created at night.

Relax on the Haeundae Beach

If you are looking for something relaxing then Busan can offer this as well, as there is the most famous beach in the country called Haeundae. The place is amazing and it is recommended for couples and families alike. If you really want to have a great time then you must add this beach on your to-do list. The beach is not more and not less than 2 kilometers long and it has very fine golden sand and crystal-clear water.

Visit the Buddhist Temple Seokbul-sa

You cannot go to Busan and not visit the stunning Buddhist Temple Seokbul-sa. The entire construction is visually powerful in impact and scale. The easiest and fastest route starts with a cable car ride. There is also a wide collection of restaurants and even a foot volleyball court. The Seokbul-sa Temple is the perfect place to relax, meditate, and contemplate.

Go for the Songdo Marine Cable Car

This is another amazing experience that Busan has to offer. Launched in 1964 as the first cable care in this country, the Songdo Beach actually reopened in 2017. It measures 1.62 kilometers at the moment which is four times more than it had in 1988 before its closure. There are not more and not less than 39 cars and 13 of them have glass floors, that traverse emerald waters, offering stunning views of the cliffs and hillsides. Once you get to this place you will start your journey from a station near the Songnim Park and you will finish it at the observatory station at Amnam Park.

Taejongdae Park is Another Must-See Attraction

As mentioned in the subtitle this wonderful park is a must-see attraction of this city. You will certainly enjoy your visit here, at the Busan’s rugged coastline. The well-groomed walking path is only for those who want to try something really challenging. In case you are not one of them then you must know that there is a train that stops at every park’s sight. If you want to take some amazing photos then we recommend you to stop at the Yeongdo Lighthouse as this is an excellent spot for photograph-worthy landscapes of the ocean and cliffs. All in all, you will surely be impressed by the Taejongdae Park.